[DSE-Dev] SELinux release goals for Debian Jessie ?

Laurent Bigonville bigon at debian.org
Mon Sep 30 12:53:17 UTC 2013

Le 30 Sep 2013 10:50:20 +0200,
"Andreas Kuckartz" <a.kuckartz at ping.de> a écrit :


> Release goals for Debian Jessie are being discussed. Any suggestions
> regarding SELinux?
> https://wiki.debian.org/ReleaseGoals

Good question, I still want to make enter the policy that, if a package
is creating a file/directory in initscript or in a maintainer script,
it ensures (read call restorecon) that the context on disk is correct.

I've opened a bug about this (#685992) a while back, but never
committed to make this happen. I guess that when/if this is happening,
there will be some package that will need fixes. This could be a good
selinux release goal I guess, even if it might be difficult to mesure
the progression.

The deadline for the release goal is tonight 00:00, so I'm not too sure
that there is still enough time left to prepare this.


Laurent Bigonville

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