[DSE-Dev] Bug#835503: libselinux: please provide libselinux1-udeb

Laurent Bigonville bigon at debian.org
Wed Sep 14 09:32:07 UTC 2016


I received the following request to add a libselinux udeb.

Adding the udeb could also help us to make d-i (in the long long term?) 
installs SELinux ready systems out-of-the-box.

I tested the patch and it's working as expected. Upstream is quite 
reactive and makes a release every 6 months.

Is this OK for you?

Laurent Bigonville

On Fri, 26 Aug 2016 13:41:35 +0200 Christian Seiler <christian at iwakd.de> 

 > Dear Maintainer,
 > please provide libselinux1-udeb for use in a d-i environment, since
 > libmount depends on libselinux, and open-iscsi-udeb will depend on
 > libmount in the future. See https://bugs.debian.org/834241 for
 > further details.
 > I will file a separate bug against util-linux to reenable building
 > of a libmount-udeb and block it against this bug.
 > I've attached a patch against the git packaging repository that adds
 > the udeb package, together with the proper information in the shlibs
 > file so that substvars of dependencies pick it up.
 > It would be great if you could include this. Thanks!
 > Regards,
 > Christian

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