[DSE-Dev] Run gnome-terminal as 'user_u'

Reis, Alberto Silos Alberto.Reis at dieboldnixdorf.com
Mon Jan 23 12:54:35 UTC 2017


I'm writing a type enforcement file to allow a selinux user 'user_u' start a gnome-session but I've got stuck on gnome-terminal. I have spent a couple of hours to give permissions as it claimed in AVC, however, now the ausearch does not report anything even disabling dontaudit rules. 

My current SELinux type is default (refpolicy selinux-policy-default_2:2.20140421-16_all) running on a Jessie 8.5 and my ruleset is at the following link.


Is there anything else I could do to debug this issue?
Thank you,

Alberto Reis


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