[Soc-coordination] Updates, finals and reports, oh my!

Per Andersson avtobiff at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 22:25:11 UTC 2008


Although GSoC is over I thought it would be a good thing to
just summarize my project: Debian NAS. The project was
given a pass mark by my mentor Riku Voipio. Thanks to
Martin Michlmayr and Riku who helped me during summer
with the project!

The original project proposal [0] was revised at a very early
stage, it was far too ambitious... The first part (adding
support for Kurobox Pro to Debian installer took more time
than we had expected), the rest went pretty smooth.

Final results:
- Support for Kurobox Pro in Debian installer, I also wrote
- Packaged micro-evtd -- Kuro/Linkstation micro controller
  daemon, controls fans, buttons and LEDs on ARM-based
  Kuroboxes and Linkstations.
- Packaged micro-evtd-udeb -- uses micro-evtd to beep and
  blink at various stages of Debian installer.
- Packaged uboot-envtools -- tools for reading/modifying
  the bootloader U-Boot's environment.
- Worked on rescue-initramfs [1], created hooks for
  filesystem rescue tools, tested and developed the
  dropbear ssh hook and wrote documentation.
- Just barely started to work on the cdebconf web frontend
  (Debian installer web installer), overhauled the code so it
  compiles and works on the current d-i codebase. Needs
  testing, packaging and merging into d-i tree.

Since GSoC is over I have started to look at using d-i to
install onto MTD flash.

Thanks to GSoC I was invited to the Emdebian work session
in Extremadura 2008, which I attended. I met several Debian
Developers, who were very nice, and started to discuss a
strategy and roadmap for MTD support in d-i, parted and
partman. It was very nice!

I have also written a longer blag post about the end of GSoC
and my project, the title of the post is GSoC - at summers end. [2]
(Sorry for the crappy only-html-blag, without direct
link to the post.)

Best regards,
Per Andersson

[0] http://oshw.org/usr/avtobiff/gsoc/08/debiannas
[1] http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/rescue-initramfs.git;a=summary
[2] http://oshw.org/avtoblag/

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