[Soc-coordination] update-manager progress report week 4 (was: Re: Progress meeting 2 (week 4))

Stephan Peijnik debian at sp.or.at
Fri Jun 19 08:06:39 UTC 2009

Due to university assignments and exams I was a bit busy the past two
weeks, but am catching up with update-manager work now (oh, I passed all
exams and assignments by the way ;)).

The most notable change is probably the changelog fetching
functionality. Whilst only implemented for Debian so far update-manager
is able to downloading changelogs and display them in the details
section of the Gtk UI now.
Downloading is done in background, using a separate thread, which caused
me some headache, as Gtk wasn't too happy about a thread that isn't
running the main Gtk loop updating the UI. I was able to fix that

I have also updated the documentation [0] and created a python
environment on alioth which allows me to build the documentation
directly there.
Details on how to build such an environment, that automatically checks
out the latest revision from the repository and builds the documentation
using some mock/fake modules (I didn't want to pull in Gtk completely
for example) is planned to be elaborated in a blog post sometime in the
near future. I guess others could benefit from this too.

The Application module has been reworked a bit, so it doesn't call
sys.exit directly and thus enables me to write unit tests for pretty
much every aspect of the class.
I have also written some unit tests for the Application module, to
verify it's working correctly.

Additionally I decided to weed out UpdateManager.Frontend.Gtk.utils, so
only functionality actually needed by the Gtk frontend is included

Finally update-manager in my repository has gotten its version number
bumped to 0.200-pre, which should indicate that a lot of things have

On my TODO list for the next week are some more documentation for the
Gtk frontend's modules, implementing the Ubuntu specfic functionality,
writing more unit tests and maybe, if time permits, start working on
update list fetching for the Gtk frontend.

I guess that's it for now. A more detailed list of these changes above
can be found on my blog [1].

-- Stephan

[0] http://update-manager.alioth.debian.org/doc/current/
[1] http://blog.peijnik.at/2009/06/19/update-manager-weekly-update-2/

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