[Soc-coordination] Aptitude History Tracking progress report, Week 4

Cristian Porras porrascristian at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 23:21:34 UTC 2009

These last two weeks I could not work as much as I would like due to a
number of drawbacks that have arisen in my university, which have led
to cancellation of the semester, and putting at risk the lives of
several students. It all started about two months ago when was
published a recording of a conversation between the Principal of the
university and a paramilitary. In which the paramilitary demanded the
names of students, workers and teachers who do not agree with the
national government to carrying out a "gun plan".
The recording came to the public in the process of selecting of a new
Principal. To which the current Principal presented to evaluate their
re-election and he was elected.

Given this, the students have expressed in various ways against his
re-election. Protests which the only way out that saw the direction of
the university was the cancellation of the semester, extent to which
students lost all the money and time invested. With the cancellation
of the semester, 19 students took the main cathedral of the city and
began a hunger strike and a large part establishes safeguards against
the university for denying the right to education.

Yesterday the Board of Governors of the university decided to reverse
the agreement that canceled the semester, but still maintains the
Principal in his post, which is no solution to the crisis at the

I think I deviate slightly from the topic, I just wanted you to know a
little the problems of the university, which is a reflection in small
scale of the country, where the dictator of the moment simply to
disqualify the opposition branded they as terrorist and sent to
silence by force and not arguing as should be.

Since the previous report I had a more fluid communication with
Daniel, in large part by the access to the repository. Most of these
two weeks I have spent the time polishing the code that I made the
first two weeks. Now I get the most information from the changes in
dpkg and aptitude states, but recently I have been a problem presented
in the order in which these data should be collected when I remove a
global variable that was clearly a sign of bad programming, I am
focused on circumventing this problem before proceeding. Another
important change was the creation of a class to manage the database
and the text logs.

In the downtime I have been playing around with the graphical
interface "history-tracking/src/gtk /": I have Added a tab in
main_info_notebook to see the history of the selected package
historyview class was implemented to initialize the tab to see the
history. To view the history using gtktreeview. Only need to define
which information we want to see for each change.

For the next weeks I hope to start working on the undo and redo systems.

Cristian Porras
Comunidad Universitaria de Software Libre, Cusol UIS

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