[Soc-coordination] Applying for improving Aptitude packages query utilities

Sha Liu sandyleo26 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 18:42:16 UTC 2009

>   GTK+ being required means that you should be familiar enough with
> GTK+ by the time that the project starts to implement a prototype of
> your dialog box.  Of course, all else being equal, applicants with
> significant prior GTK+ experience will be preferred, but I don't know
> yet what sort of applications we get.  Usually all else is not equal. :)

Thanks for your reply. You mean just add a pop-up dialog box which contain
some search criteria text entry or completely re-written the whole GUI of
Aptitude, like using Glade?

>   Regarding merging the projects: I don't think that there's a strong
> connection between the three projects I posted, and I think that
> combining them would make the project too complicated and probably mean
> that it didn't get finished over the summer.  I'm trying to keep the
> projects fairly narrowly focused this year, to increase the odds of
> having something distributable in September.
>   Daniel
I see. Making target finished in time and in good quality is always priority
NO.1, IMO and making it distributable in September really exits me(I like
day-dreaming :-D). 
And by merging actually, I mean something like making Aptitude more
newbie-friendly(forgive my poor English). I myself suffer a lot from
installing and upgrading softwares at first because I didn't dare to try. A
powerful tool with complicated and hard-to-focus interface often intimidates
newbie like I was.

Your advise is really appreciated.
Sha Liu

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