[Soc-coordination] Applying for improving Aptitude packages query utilities

Sha Liu sandyleo26 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 04:45:11 UTC 2009

sorry to bother everyone again but I have no reply of the question I ask in
my last thread. So I think I should make the question clear here.
1)Does improve the UI means re-written the current Aptitude GUI(I use using something like Glade 3? So the interface of Aptitude look
like Synaptic a little?
2)Or just enhance the search query dialog based on current simple UI?

if it is the 1),I think there're not too *hard* work involved since design
interface using Glade is very intuitive and you can change your interface
without even re-compiling your source code. And IMO, the intuitive search
query dialog(as [1] point out ) is something like the advanced search of
google. Compared with the current one-text-entry search dialog, one will
have lots of criteria text entry there which allow the users to just input
the strings they want to see instead of the query language used in

if it is the 2), could anybody please tell me what the UI is implemented

Any comment on this is appreciated.


Sha Liu

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