[Soc-coordination] Applying for improving Aptitude packages query utilities

sha liu sandyleo26 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 14:09:42 UTC 2009

>  I think that's a good idea.  Do you have any experience with automatic
> graph layout? (say, the algorithms used by dot and neato)
>  Daniel
I've heard of the force directed placement since i've done some work with
placement and routing  in FPGA( I use SA though) . i think neato's work base
on that algo and i'll do some research on that. The key part is implement
the algo, however making it more pratical to user will include some more
utilities such as zoom in/out, floating tips , redirecting package page when
double-clicker etc.

and i give a second thought on aptitude UI. More user-friendly doesn't have
to means more nifty tools or pages. Since aptitude is a package management
front-end, it should apear to be 'organized'. Aptitude 'organize' packages
for users, so it is important to let user feel the packages are well
orgnized. Even the packages are not well installed, they should get these
infomation easily through a well designed UI and user will be likely to
use this UI since they feel proud that they can control thousands of
packages in their system. To achieve this, i think some parts of the UI need
to be reorganized and  more ultilities added if necessary.

Sha Liu
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