[Soc-coordination] New version of Config::Model with GSoC2010 code.

Dominique Dumont domi.dumont at free.fr
Sat Aug 14 13:33:50 UTC 2010


I've released a Config::Model 1.206 which feature all the work done so far by 
Krzysztof Tyszecki during this summer's Google summer of Code. Here's the 

        First version to feature code written during Google Summer of 
        Code 2010.
        For this GSoC, Krzysztof Tyszecki has provided:
        * a new backend for INI file that can:
            * read and write comments to and from annotations. This way
              users comments are preserved
            * read and write parameters that are repeated in the INI file. 
              This repeated parameters will be loaded in list elements
        * the capacity to load annotation from perl data structure
        * a new model feature to accept unknown element. This will enable
        loading and writing configuration files even if parameters are
        unknown. This feature is required to create models targeted for
        configuration upgrades: only upgrade and migration specifications
        need to be specified in a model. Parameters that don't change from
        one version to another need not to be specified in the model.

        Other changes:
        * lib/Config/Model/Loader.pm (_walk_node): bug fix to load node
        element annotation
        * lib/Config/Model/Dumper.pm (): bug fix to dump hash and list
        element annotations
        * Fixed Fstab example

This probably does not mean that the configuration upgrade problem is solved, 
but that's certainly a step in the right direction.

All the best

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