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           Good day,

Your email contact was served to me by the international web addresses directories, Am Barr.azimemohd, a local of Malaysia, and a legal practitioner with the Ministry Of Justice. Am a private attorney and a legal adviser, i am contacting you regarding the recent death of one of my wealthy Clients which unfortunately has the same NAME as yours.

 I wish to have your consent and knowledge before we can go into details, i will brief you on the things at stake, my late client won a national lottery and ever since he started having serious heart problems, after a series of medical surgery and operations he gave up the ghost three year after his last surgery in 2008.

 I have been having some difficulties getting his relations or next of kin, which i have two months to present the immediate brother or next of kin to enable the bank of my late client have his fixed account funds be withdrawn.

In doing that i have to present to the bank two weeks to the deadline, his next of kin/immediate brother/ family relation. Which none of any mentioned are present at the moment, i have discussed with my follow attorneys and adviser to help in contributing ideas of how my late client's fund can be released.

 I was advised to find anyone without bad record/convicted/ is wanted by the government/ with the same Name with my lateclient.That made me write to you, since you have the same name with my late client,i want to inform you that if we have an agreement on this issue.

 I will be responsible for all legal documents backing you up as my late client's Brother/ next of kin/ Family relation.that will only cost us time and a few hundreds
for legal papers and registration.

 My late clients has always wanted to be of help to the society at large by helping the less-privileged, i would like us to claim that fund and at a later agreement we will present 50% of the total fund in the bank to the home of poor and less-privilleaged, while we take on the rest 50% 25%, 25% each i do understand and know that it will be a thing well done at the end of the day.

My contact are as follows:-azimemohd30 at yahoo.com

KLCC Tower ?evel 8-3G. Jalan Ampang Post Code: 50500
Barr.azimemohd. {Solicitor & Advocate}.
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