[Soc-coordination] Mentoring Organization opportunity for Google Code-in

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Wed Oct 27 16:23:32 UTC 2010

Quoting Obey Arthur Liu (arthur at milliways.fr):

> There are also opportunities in translation (bubulle?) that might be
> of interest and some other things (full list below).

In the spirit of Code-in, I think that having someone to start a
completely new localization effort in a given language would be one of
the best things to do wrt localization.

It would really be much more manageable and easy to measure than
having applicants "just" joining an existing l10n team (or effort).

I can eventually list a few "significant" languages for which we
currently have nothing. The start would then be our natural start:

However, this will reduce the focus to very specific people, very
often in countries with very small FLOSS communities.

Let's start a rough list (where I'll forget many, of course):

- languages from Americas
  - all aboriginal languages from North America
  - languages from Mexico (except Spanish, of course)
  - original languages from South America (quechua, aymara, many

- languages from Europe
  - most regional languages from all countries (but Spain, already
    quite strongly covered) such as Breton, Corsican...and not only
     those from France..:-)

- languages from Asia
  - Urdu
  - Pachto
  - Tadjik
  - Turkmen
  - Southern Kurdish (Arabic script)
  - Tibetan
  - Mongolian
  - Oriya and several languages from India
  - Burmese
  - Malay
  - Lao
  - "Minority" languages from China, Taiwan, Japan, etc.

- languages from Africa
  - nearly all of them (not counting "colonial" languages of course)
    with the noticeable exception of Amharic
- languages from Oceania
  - all aboriginal languages (Maori comes to mind but dozens of others
    are alive)

- languages from Antarctica
  - Penguinish

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