[Soc-coordination] Debian's GSoC, applications received

Ana Guerrero ana at debian.org
Sat Apr 9 12:30:45 UTC 2011

[If you are bcc'ed in this email is because you are a possible GSoC'2011 
mentor and I do not know if you are signed up in the mailing list:
If you are not here, please sign up! I won't bcc you in the future.]


The deadline for students applications finished yesterday and we
ended with 41 students submissions where 9 has been marked ignored
because they were clear spam or just a last minute 'place holder' 
submissions. There is another one who is 'free style' proposal
for packaging stuff that has not been ignored but won't be accepted.
See below for more details [1]

Now theoretically, we should vote and rank the proposals. I think
we can skip the voting part, just see if every mentor is happy
with any of the students proposals they got, of if they just prefer
not to do the project.
Once we have hear from all the mentors, then we should rank the proposals
in the order we want to be accepted depending on how many slots
we get. We have asked for 10 slots to Google (still can be changed) 
and right now we have 13 project with at least one student submission.

Do you like this approach or you would like to do voting?

By 21th April, everything should be decided in our side (as orga).

In case you do not know, for private mentor discussion we have an IRC
channel #debian-soc-mentors. Ask for the key to ArthurLiu (us east 
coast TZ) or ana | sylvester (paris TZ) in IRC.
The public channel with students included is #debian-soc.



I have a rst/html file with all this information and with direct 
links to the proposals in melange for easier browsing and including 
the ignored proposals.
If you are interested, ask for the link privately or in #debian-soc-mentors.

Cross-compilation and cross-virtualisation, cross-cloud with Eucalyptus

**Mentor:** Steffen Moeller; seeking help/substitute from pkg-fso and/or Debian-Embedded 

2 student proposals.

Debian applications starting with a double click on that other OS from DVD 

**Mentor:** Steffen Moeller; seeking substitute 

2 student proposals

Update the cross-platform virtualization infrastructure 
**Mentor:** Wookey

1 student proposal.

Developer Package Repositories

**Mentor:** Marc Brockschmidt, **co-mentoring** Tollef Fog Heen 

1 student proposal

Create a searchable database of Debian related talks 

**Mentor:** Francesca Ciceri

2 student proposals.

Declarative diversions

**Mentor:** Steve Langasek

6 student proposals.

DebDelta integration

**Mentor:** MichaelVogt

2 student proposals.

Apt ordering code improvements / download-install in parallel 

**Mentor:** MichaelVogt 

3 student proposals.

Packaging of Jigsaw (modular JVM/JDK for Java 8)

**Mentor:** Tom Marble, ***co-mentoring:*** Sylvestre Ledru 

4 student proposals.

Tool to automate building Python extensions 

**Mentor:** Piotr Ozarowski

2 student proposals

Measuring performance in teams inside Debian 

**Mentor:** Andreas Tille

1 student proposal

Work with the DEX project to merge changes from derivatives and help prepare the backend tools

**Mentor:** Matt Zimmerman

1 student proposal

Package-aware Plugin Finder Service for Iceweasel

**Mentor:** Mike Hommey

1 student proposal.

Make the BTS available via IMAP

**Mentor:** Tollef Fog Heen 

No students proposal.

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