[Soc-coordination] mentors for multi-archive support in dak

Joerg Jaspert joerg at debian.org
Fri Apr 13 20:35:08 UTC 2012

>> > > I have CCed the people who expressed interest in the PPA project
>> > > suggested earlier as this is a related proposal.
>> > Alexander,  Tollef, is any of you instered in mentoring it?
>> I'd be happy to provide technical input, but like Alexander, I'm not a
>> dak expert so my contribution on that side would be somewhat limited.
>> I'd be fine with being a co-mentor, though.  (I understood Ganneff was
>> happy to be the primary mentor.)

> Alexander, Tollef, it is fine if you are not so knowledgeable in the topic
> as Joerg is. It is, after all, a topic very people in Debian is versed about.
> It is good if Ansgar has somebody else to bounce and discuss ideas when Joerg
> is unreachable. We are encouraging co-mentors in all the projects even if they
> are not so knowledgeable in the topic as the first mentor.

Two things:

One, This is not PPA, there wont be anything PPA after it is done. But
it is one pre-req for our PPA (where we have a very much developed
implementation plan already, just not coded).

Two: Backup Mentors are fine, though I'm not sure how much of a help
they turn out in this specific case. It *is* very dak centric after all,
unfortunately. Of course if it means I get two more people that know dak
code and supply patches (hint hint) I'm all for it.

Besides, Ansgar has an advantage here as a mentee - he is integrated in
the ftp team already. Has written lotsa dak code. He knows his ways and
is in all the secret channels, so even if i wont reply right away with a
dak question, there is the whole rest of ftp team. Unlike the last we
had, who was a total outsider, which turned out to actually be bad in
this area.

> Joerg, we need you confirming you are fine mentoring this. We need you signing 
> up in melange: www.google-melange.com that is where Google manages all this stuff.
> Alexander, you too, althought it is totally optional for co-mentors if they
> are interested in the Google t-shirt.

I've signed up and said I want to mentor this now.

bye, Joerg
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