[Soc-coordination] project proposal: contributors portal

Francesca Ciceri madamezou at debian.org
Thu Mar 8 18:24:00 UTC 2012


On Thu, Mar 08, 2012 at 01:29:39PM +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Yet another project idea, still to be properly drafted and posted on the
> wiki. Francesca Ciceri (Cc:-ed) has given quite some thought about it
> and is aware of other people who might be interested in working on
> it. We haven't secured a specific mentor yet, though. Francesca: would
> you mind reminding us who are the other interested people? (I've already
> forgot /o\)

Sure! Kåre Thor Olsen (cc-ed) has worked a bit on
www.debian.org/devel/people page, trying to improve the script behind the
generation of the page, so he could probably give us some hints on how to
develop this idea.

As already said to Stefano, I won't be able to mentor this project, but I
have some ideas on how to track non-uploading contributors so I'll be
glad to discuss about it.

Please note also that the mentioned page has a couple of bug reported on
the BTS 134606, 251218 and 657647: while I'm not sure about the first
two, the last one certainly need to be considered in this project.


ps: no need to CC me: I'm subscribed

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