[Soc-coordination] upstream involvement

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.com.au
Wed Apr 10 06:56:04 UTC 2013


I just want to get some feedback on the extent that we can involve
upstreams, either formally (as named mentor) or informally (e.g.
collaborating through upstream mailing list, contributing to upstream
source tree).

I've proposed three project areas and I've already had enquiries from
some excellent candidates for all of them.

The overriding goal of each project is to fix some gap in the Debian
eco-system, but some of the work may go into the upstream projects.  For
example, Debian has two TURN servers, neither of them supports
database-backed (SQL, RADIUS or LDAP) user/password storage or any other
distributed mechanism in Debian, so an interested student could really
work on either of those projects and it would fill that gap.  (Simply
making another TURN server would not fill a gap in Debian.)

One related issue then is the number of projects/students that Debian
will support: is there any hard limit on that, or is it only limited by
the number of mentors who come forward?



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