[Soc-coordination] "Improvements in Debian search" project for GSOC

aarsh shah aarshkshah1992 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 12:10:23 UTC 2013

Hello everyone, I am Aarsh, a third year computer science undergrad with an
interest in Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing. I am
interested in doing the "Improvements to Debian search" project with
Debian. I've been involved with open source development  for  some time now
and have also implemented a couple of state of the art weighting schemes
for Xapian , Given my experience with open source development , Xapian  and
Information retrieval ,I really think I'll be able to justify the project
by implementing state of the art weighting algorithms , query expansion
using relevance feedback , highly efficient query expansion algorithms,
spell checking ,resistance to keyword spamming and many features in Debian
search to drastically improve the search results and the search experience
for the Debian community. The search on search.debian.org, mailing lists ,
Debian wiki and the packages site is the gateway for the huge Debian
community to gain information about Debian and hence, improving search will
definitely aid both Debian developers and users a lot. I'm already in touch
with Olly Betts ,the mentor of this project and am working on my proposal
which I'll put up on the wiki in a couple of days.

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