[Soc-coordination] Report week 3, Redesign metapackage creation for Debian Blends

Emmanouil Kiagias e.kiagias at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 17:02:44 UTC 2013


This week:

* In the beginning of the week I wrote some small patches[0] for UDD
blends_metadata_gatherer in order to add an extra table which will store
the blends alternative packages.

After I sent the patches, during the week my mentor worked on them[1],he
made some changes and made the commit to UDD git repo. The challenge this
week was mostly to decide which way is the best to solve the problem with
the alternative packages. Until now we have two ideas how to solve the
problem using the UDD table, one mine and one Andreas', relevant

* Implemented(mostly today) a first full version of blend-gen-control, it
nows uses all the new blends_tasks' table fields (Leaf, Section etc) in
order to properly generate the control and task-description files( using
all the header we need), also it handles the alternatives packages (this
first implementation uses my idea) using the new UDD
blends_dependencies_alternatives table

* Decided the way to generated the control files(one per architecture)
taking ideas of how openjkd-7 source package does it. We are going to have
multiple control.<arch> files and the valid one will come in effect during
the build of the source package(we will probably do it through makefile
rules using the architecture of the host where the source package is built)

Note: this Wednesday I did not work cause I traveled to my homevillage, I
will cover up these working hours during the weekend.

Plans for the weekend

* Implement blend-gen-control to handle the alternative packages using
Andreas' idea (note here that my idea uses two tables to handle the
alternative packages, Andreas' uses just one table, its quite interesting).

Plans for next week:

* Compare the results of the two different implementations handling the
alternative packages, decide which final way to go.
* Finalize the structure of blends_dependencies_alternatives UDD table
* Have a first full version of blend-gen-control
* Once we have a stable blend-gen-control probably start testing the
generated control/task-description files, if we don't start testing I will
write the script needed to track the added removed packages between Blends'

Kind regards


[0]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-blends/2013/07/msg00000.html,
[1]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-blends/2013/07/msg00003.html ,
[2]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-blends/2013/07/msg00010.html and
generally all the discussions in the debian-blends mailing list(on July)
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