[Soc-coordination] Report week 5, Redesign metapackage creation for Debian Blends

Emmanouil Kiagias e.kiagias at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 18:09:09 UTC 2013


This week:

While writing code to properly handle the virtual packages in
{sec-}blend-gen-control a new issue[0] came up (actually my mentor
mentioned  it). By definition virtual packages are *not* available - they
are just virtual and need  to be provided by a real package. If there is no
such real package the whole set of alternatives should be moved to Suggests.

* Change both {sec-}blend-gen-control to properly handle the virtual
packages (solved above issue)

* Wrote a first working version of task_diff[1] (script to track
added/removed packages between Blend's releases).

Note: today(Friday) is not included in working hours, I was offline due to
travelling. I will cover up these hours during the weekend

Next week:

* Sum up all the missing packages problematic cases/differences
from  {sec-}blend-gen-control output

* Investigate/check alternative way of creating a single control file
(instead of having multiple files as we do now) which may can support for
example the following format: Depends: pkg1 [!arch1 !arch2 !arch3], pkg2

* Really create arch dependant metapackages. Bring the source package we
created using the blends tools to a status where we can say : "debuild" on
a certain arch and metapackages are ready.

Kind regards


 , https://lists.debian.org/debian-blends/2013/07/msg00032.html
[1]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-blends/2013/07/msg00036.html
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