[Soc-coordination] Weekly Status Report 5 - scan-build the archive

Léo Cavaillé leo+debian at cavaille.net
Fri Jul 19 19:08:34 UTC 2013


Here is a quick summary of my week :
* Finished the sbuild patch, tested it, sent it to the maintainer.
Waiting for a review before merging the patch.
I am working with my patched version, you can download the .deb on my 
website [1]

* Using the previous patch, I have implemented the support of scan-build 
in debuild.me, that I pushed to a separate branch [2]

* I have also made some modifications in debuild.me :
* Generate the XML Firehose reports and put a link to them
* Add some logging
* Add tools version detection
(see commits on github)

* Written a wiki page (a bit sparse for now) to summarize scan-build 
usage with
Debian packages [3] (put there on Sylvestre request)

* Earlier this week I had generated firehose reports [4] for a lot of 
but I will have to re-do it properly with all the new commits I made by 
on my test infrastructure [5]
When the job for a given tool succeeds, the report is nearly empty, I 
will try to put
more info in them (wall time, other stats, "passed" flag).

* By running this big batch of jobs (6 tools x 200 packages), I 
discovered some bugs
that I need to investigate :
* When there are too many issues in the report, I get a python error 
(BSON document too big)
* Some 500 errors by lucy (no explanations yet)
* A pymongo cursor error…
* Some packages seem to FTBFS, check if they really are FTBFS or if I 
have a bad setup

* Implemented the fix for #714906, still need to run test suites to 
validate the patch

For next week, here is what I plan to do !

1/ Follow up with Roger Leigh on my sbuild patch
2/ Continue to improve debuild.me deployment
3/ Investigate the bugs discovered this week on debuild.me, commit 
4/ Write more documentation (wiki pages or manpage) on my scan-build 
hacks with sbuild
5/ Run a new batch of jobs in debuild.me, see with Matthieu how he wants 
to import the reports
6/ Finish bugfixing on llvm-toolchain

See you next week !

[1] https://leo.cavaille.net/public/gsoc/
[2] https://github.com/paultag/ethel/tree/clanganalyzer
[4] http://debian-archive.via.ecp.fr/firehose/
[5] http://debuildme.via.ecp.fr/

Léo Cavaillé

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