[Soc-coordination] Status report, week 5: FedMsg for Debian

Simon Chopin chopin.simon at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 17:37:56 UTC 2013


Here is my weekly report, sadly thiner that I would have like due to
unfortunate circumstances, namely the destruction of my $HOME along with
two days worth of unpushed commits.

The only thing I've managed to accomplish is the implementation of the
client part of the replay feature for fedmsg, along with tests[1]. I've
briefly looked into the gpgme package for the GPG crypto backend, but
nothing concrete has come out of it yet.

My plans for next week are the followings:
  - Do everything I was supposed to this week:
Quoting Simon Chopin (2013-07-19 18:08:42)
>   - Implement the client side of the fedmsg-replay mechanism
>   - Write some tests for my SRV-documented endpoint system and get it
>     merged upstream
>   - Take a stab at the GPG signing stuff.

 - Put a rush on the upload of fedmsg to unstable so that we could have
   it backported in time for DebConf

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