[Soc-coordination] Report week 14 , Redesign metapackage creation for Debian Blend

Emmanouil Kiagias e.kiagias at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 12:42:31 UTC 2013

Hello everyone,

Here is the report for the final week:

I added new blends-dev documentation into blends git in doc/en/A_devel.sgml

I started converting blends documentation from debian-sgml to xml syntax.
The conversion is half way done (need some more pages to fully convert plus
the xls stylesheet for the final docbook). The new xml documentation exists
in blends-gsoc git under doc/ directory and once it is completed is will be
moved into blends git under doc/ directory and replace the previous one.

As already mentioned, new blends-dev provides an automatic changelog entry
which dumps the packages differences between the latest and the previous
release of a Blend into the debian/changelog file (track added/removed
packages between releases). To achieve that we save for each Blend release
a json file which contains the package dependencies (taken from the task
files) under a dependency_data/ directory. This directory should exist into
the Blend root directory. So in order to avoid any future errors we might
step on once we start using new blends-dev I committed all the needed files
to each of the existing Blends (I generated and committed the needed
dependency json files using the new tools).

Also while generating dependency json files for each Blend I also found and
fixed a small bug in tasks_diff script.

Here is a summary of what we achieved the last 14 weeks:

* Implemented a new blend-gen-control script which uses UDD to generate
architecture dependent metapackages for Blends. In order to gather all the
data needed for this goal we updated the blends_metadata_gatherer (UDD
gathener) and added some extra columns into the existing Blends UDD tables.
The new script fully imitates the existing's blend-gen-control
functionality plus some extra things like dump warning messages for missing
packages which might have been updated in UDD (renamed or replaced) but
they are not updated in the the Blends task files.
* Implemented an automatic changelog entry into debian/changelog file which
dumps the added/removed packages between Blends releases.
* Provide a  package with new code which can replace the existing
blends-dev package.

Kind regards

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