[Soc-coordination] GSoC 2015 Week 11: Move forward reproducible builds

Dhole dhole at openmailbox.org
Fri Aug 7 23:16:46 UTC 2015


This week I have updated my patch for gettext to target the new version
uploaded to Debian unstable (
I pushed the updated patch to our git repo:

I have also uploaded the new build to our custom APT repository, and
attached the patch to the open bug:

I have written a patch for the qthelpgenerator tool from qt4-x11 to
honour SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH when embedding timestamps in the generated qch
files (see issue timestamps_in_qch [1]). The tool qthelpgenerator embeds
timestamps in different places, so in order to find a general solution I
added the method reproducibleDateTime in the class QDateTime which
returns a deterministic date honouring SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in case the
variable is set. Then I replaced the instances of
QDateTime::currentDateTime() with QDateTime::reproducibleDateTime()
where needed.
I have pushed the patch to our git repo:

I have also uploaded the build to our custom APT repository, and opened
a bug with the patch in Debian:

And I have also updated the wiki accordingly.

After patching qt4-x11, 3 packages became reproducible in my machine:
- ktikz
- qmf
- linkchecker

qmf didn't become reproducible in Jenkins: there is a weird issue with
having different files in build 1 and 2 (apparently files are missing in
both builds). This may be caused by parallelism issues and needs further

There are still 12 packages that where tagged with timestamps_in_qch
that didn't become reproducible. They are affected by randomness_in_qdoc
[2]. Also some of them show variations in qch files (it seems to be a
history of SQL commands that differ between builds).

I have fixed some individual packages without notes:

Affected by timestamps in zip metadata (timestamps_in_zip issue)
- foxyproxy
- xul-ext-monkeysphere

Embedding of dates:
- freeipmi
- doc-base
- debiandoc-sgml-doc

For next week I'll probably look at the randomness_in_qdoc [2] issue.


Best regards,

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