[Soc-coordination] GSoC 2015 Week 12 Report: Android Tools in Debian

殷啟聰 seamlikok at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 05:13:29 UTC 2015

This week I finished libbcc packages which contain libbcc.so,
libbcinfo.so and bcc_compat. They are part of Android SDK Build-tools
and belong to android-platform-frameworks-compile package. This
package also contains llvm-rs-cc which is another tool of Android SDK
Build-tools but it is too late to do it because the upcoming "pencil
down" period is for polishing and documenting. Now
android-platform-frameworks-compile produces the following packages:

* libbcc5: Contains libbcc.so, libbcinfo.so and librsloader.so
* libbcc-dev: Contains development files
* libbcc-tools: Contains bcc, bcc_compat and bcc_strip_attr

Upstream libbcc requires to use libc++ from LLVM instead of libstdc++
from GCC, but since they are incompatible and libbcc uses other
libraries that use libstdc++, I keep using libstdc++ with libbcc and
compiler errors were gone.

My mentor Hans-Christoph Steiner uploaded
android-platform-external-libunwind. After that we will upload more
Android packages done during GSoC. My other mentor Markus Koschany and
other member of Debian Java Team also made some updates on Gradle 2.5.

The upcoming week is "pencil down" period, I will take the chance
improve the Android Tools wiki page and finish the meta packages for
Android SDK.

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