[Soc-coordination] Debsources as a platform weekly report #6

Orestis Ioannou orestis at oioannou.com
Mon Jul 6 07:17:46 UTC 2015


This is my #6 weekly report on my Summer of Code project 'Debsources as
a platform'
You can view commits on alioth [1] or pull requests on github [2].
Kanban board with my per week tasks is available on trello [3].

Previous report:


This week I merged the work file-by-file views, worked on using the DB
to retrive license information of a specific file and started working on
the license statistics.

File-by-file views

This work was included in PR#21 [4] and it implemented the views for
searching a license of a file based on a checksum, or
package/version/path. When the user is searching for a checksum, we also
provide some statistics most notably the the most frequent licenses and
all the packages it appears in.

Retriece license info with DB

Instead of parsing the d/copyright file each time the user requests a
file we now use the DB to retrieve that information.

License statistics

The statistics, DebSources will provide, are similar to the ones that
already exist [5]. The goal here was to calculate statistics mainly for
the standard licenses [6] such as the overall number of files under each
license or per suite license statistcs along with some pie charts, bar
charts and historical trends.

Unfortunately I can't PR this work just yet since the DB schema and the
plugin for inserting the corresponding data is under review. You can
however track these changes in a branch [7].

Next week

Besides the work to merge the existing PRs I'll continue working on the
license statistics, finish the per suite statistics and the historical
I also picked up some tasks to create the online documentation (url
schema and api) of the copyright Blueprint as well as some other
templating work that was pending.
I hope to have enough time to research and work on exporting d/copyright
files in SPDX format.

Sorry for the late report and thanks for reading,


[1] https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/qa/debsources.git
[2] https://github.com/Debian/debsources/pulls
[3] https://trello.com/b/LG8eUfPS/debsources
[4] https://github.com/Debian/debsources/pull/21
[5] http://sources.debian.net/stats/
[7] https://github.com/oorestisime/debsources/tree/license-statistics

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