[Surfraw-devel] more changes (including IMPORTANT CVS stuff)

Ian Beckwith ianb@nessie.mcc.ac.uk
Fri, 6 Feb 2004 00:51:37 +0000

Hi all.

I've been busy again.

First and most importantly, I've merged the changes from the NAMESPACE
cvs branch back onto the HEAD (default) branch, so can everyone switch
back to using HEAD now.

Most of the changes are related to making sure a non-debian install
works OK, plus I checked all the elvi. I fixed a couple of problems,
removed a couple of elvi with dead sites, plus the quoting stuff I mentioned
doesn't work on all of them, so I've disabled it on the elvi it
doesn't work on.

I think, with some more testing, we are ready for another upload.

New changelog entries follow.


  * deleted debian/rules.save (old rules backup)
  * Removed elvi:
    + britannica: gone subscription-only
    + swhois: all whois sites I can find have anti-harvester features
	  that stop us using them.
  * Fixed elvi:
    + wikipedia - added missing quotes (could've sworn I did this already)
    + cnn - updated url
    + translate - corrected docs
  * Moved debian/surfraw.links to links.IN in top dir, now uses autoconf
    and is not debian-specific
  * Makefile.am: Added install-data-hook to create links
  * configure.in, elvi/Makefile.in: fixed ELVIDIR quoting
  * added elvi/surfraw_elvi to CLEANFILES & removed it from cvs, as it is
    generated on build.
  * disabled ifs quoting in elvi that don't like it: 
    freedb, happypenguin, jake, rhyme, scaleplus, sharereactor
    thesaurus, webster, deblists.
  * Added note to HACKING explaining how to disable ifs quoting
  * synced NAMESPACE branch with HEAD
    Please use the main HEAD branch from now on.

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