[Surfraw-devel] Re: Bug#269982: /etc/bash_completion.d/surfraw breaks bashes pwd command

Christian Surchi csurchi@debian.org
Sun, 05 Sep 2004 02:02:26 +0200

Il dom, 2004-09-05 alle 00:19, Brian McDonald ha scritto:
> When should it happen? Always as /etc/bash_completion.d/surfraw is
> sorced at every invocation of the bash shell. For example, when
> opening an xterm and executing pwd, or starting a new shell by typing
> bash<enter> as in the example in my initial bug report. If I source the
> file directly as you suggest there is no error when pwd is run.

I cannot reproduce it starting a new shell. And I tried in testing and
unstable, with different bash packages.

> I think this somehow resets stdout. I tried a simple : (true) command at the
> end but that didn't help. I also tried renaming /etc/bash_completion.d/surfraw
> to 01surfraw so that it wouldn't be the last one sourced on my system, but that
> didn't help either.
> Can you explain what >&- is suppost to do. I think this is closing
> stdout which I believe is a bad idea, but I'm not bash scripter.

Why should be a bad idea? Yes, it's closing stdout.