[Surfraw-devel] commit + upload request

Ian Beckwith ianb at nessie.mcc.ac.uk
Tue Sep 26 03:10:00 UTC 2006


I've just committed a few changes to surfraw:

  * debpackages/debcontents: new options + ubuntu support with -u.
  * New elvi: scholar - search google scholar.
  * New global option: -p / -print: just print search url.

We are getting close to the etch freeze, can someone upload soon?
I know James Rowe is waiting for a release to upload to gentoo too.
Moritz? anyone?

I've also written an opensearch elvi, to search any website that
provides an OpenSearch description file, so you could do eg:

opensearch -options en.wikipedia.org search terms

and it will find the description file, format a query based on the
info in that file, and pass it to the browser.

See opensearch.a9.com for details on the OpenSearch standard.

This requires the perl module WWW::OpenSearch (libwww-opensearch-perl)
which I've uploaded (via a sponsor) but is currently in NEW. It may
not clear new in time for etch, and I won't commit the changes until
it hits sid. If anyone is desperate for the code, I could commit it on
a branch.

It also needs libwww-perl. These 2 perl modules drag in about 6MB of
dependencies, including an XML parser *and* an HTML parser. I could
demote the depends to recommends, but I'd rather not (apparently
aptitude doesn't install new recommends of already installed packages).
Anyone have any strong opinions on this?


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