[Surfraw-devel] Surfraw 2.2.2 released

Ian Beckwith ianb at erislabs.net
Sat Jul 5 05:12:54 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I've finally released surfraw 2.2.2


I've also just uploaded the debian package.

I sneaked in a few last-minute changes:

* surfraw.IN:w3_url_escape: escape "`", stop escaping ".".
 (Thanks to Micah Anderson).
* debpackages/debcontents:
  + update options and distributions,
  + add -a option to use archive.debian.net
* Fix javasun test.
* Add javasun.test and lsm.test to EXTRA_DIST.

NEWS for this release:

  * New elvis:
    + arxiv - Search the Los Alamos Science E-Print Archive
      replaces xxx which was just a stub (thanks to John Gruenenfelder).
    + javasun - search Java API Docs (thanks to James TD Smith)
  * Fixed elvis:
    + debpackages/debcontents: update options and distributions,
      add -a options to use archive.debian.net.
    + wetandwild: switched to weather.com, as yahoo now uses AJAX.
      Command line options and SURFRAW_weather_* variables no
      longer supported.
    + austlii: fixed search URL, default method is now 'auto'.
    + port: original site is back.
    + translate: fixed URLs.
  * Removed elvis:
    + sundocs: use sunonesearch.
    + xxx: replaced by arxiv.
  * surfraw: fix w3_url_escape quoting (thanks Micah Anderson)
  * surfraw-update-path: fix csh syntax (thanks John Gruenenfelder)
  * google: Add -country option to specify country. Respects
    SURFRAW_lang variable (Thanks to James TD Smith).


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