[Surfraw-devel] browser selection & release plans

Ian Beckwith ianb at erislabs.net
Sat Jul 19 05:30:11 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I've just committed:

* Search for default browsers at configure time.
  Can be overridden with ./configure --with-text-browser=BROWSER
* Use AC_PROG_AWK to detect which awk implementation to use.
* slinuxdoc: switch to test on main page, google thinks
  search on search page is spyware shenanigans.
* openbsd: fix test.
* add uninstall-local targets to remove elvidir and symlinks
  on uninstall.
* Debian: set default text browser to www-browser and
  graphical browser to sensible-browser.

As having the default browser be sensible-browser is quite a bad bug,
meaning surfraw doesn't work by default on non-debian systems, I'll
make a new release in a few days (if no-one reports any more bugs)

Test version at:


The browser search during configure searches for:

lynx links elinks w3m netrik

for the text browser, and:

iceweasel firefox mozilla safari epiphany-browser konqueror galeon
kazenhakase conkeror dillo netscape

for the graphical browser. Are there any more browsers I should add?

I uploaded 2.2.2-2 to Debian with urgency=medium, with just the fix
for the bashism in google, as that is an important bug (removing
bashisms is a release goal for lenny). When 2.2.2-2 reaches testing,
I'll upload 2.2.3-1, but that probably won't make it in before the


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