[Surfraw-devel] Surfraw 2.2.1 Released

Ian Beckwith ianb at erislabs.net
Tue Mar 11 14:46:42 UTC 2008


I've just released surfraw 2.2.1.


The debian version will be delayed because this version introduces the
surfraw-extra package which has to go through the NEW queue. Also, as
Debian Maintainers cannot upload NEW packages, Moritz (or someone
else) will have to upload this version.

Changes since last commit:

 * debpackages/debcontents: updated ubuntu search.
 * freedb/cddb: updated options.
 * debbugs: fixed indentation.
 * port: point to what will hopefully be new site.
 * README, rae, currency: convert to utf-8.
 * austlii: fixed test.

Debian changes:
  * DM-Upload-Allowed: dropped XS- prefix, no longer needed.
  * debian/linda.overrides: remove exec-not-elf-or-script tag now file(1)
    is fixed.
  * debian/copyright: update, use machine-interpretable format.

Outstanding problems:

slashdot: search is temporarily down
port: still waiting for files from site author. I've pointed it to where
I'll host them so hopefully it will start working at some point.
freedb: site no longer accepts GET queries. Handling POST
in a portable cross-browser way is basically impossible. I'll mail them
and beg them to support GET again.

NEWS for this release:

  * New elvi:
    + lsm - Search the Linux Software Map.
    + sunonesearch - Search Sun's One Search (replaces sunsolve).
  * Fixed elvi: cddb, cnn, debcontents, deblists, debpackages, freedb,
    fsfdir, genpkg, and yubnub (thanks for the latter to Nathaniel Heinrichs).
  * Removed elvis: sunsolve (replaced by sunonesearch).
  * amazon, ebay, translate: expanded language/country list.
  * Added new configuration variable SURFRAW_lang.
    Elvi that support specifying language or country
    will use this as a default. If used, it should be set
    to an ISO 2-letter country code (eg uk, de, ca).
    Thanks to Simon Ernst for the idea.
  * Fixed quoting single quotes in URLs (thanks to Alexander
    Becher for the patch).


Ian Beckwith - ianb at erislabs.net - http://erislabs.net/ianb/
GPG fingerprint: AF6C C0F1 1E74 424B BCD5  4814 40EC C154 A8BA C1EA
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