[Surfraw-devel] per-user elvi and xdg config dirs

Ian Beckwith ianb at erislabs.net
Sun Oct 25 16:21:51 UTC 2009


I'm still horribly busy, things will hopefully calm down soon, but I
found time to apply James' per-user elvi patch and implement the XDG
basedir spec.

I wasn't 100% sure about whether to implement the XDG stuff,
but as I wanted to move the per-user config into a subdir anyway,
it seemed best to do it now rather than potentially have an
extra change in the future.

See the ChangeLog, README and
for more info, but briefly, if no $XDG_CONFIG_* environment variables
are set, global config is now in @sysconfdir@/xdg/surfraw/ (where
@sysconfdir@ is usually /etc/ or /usr/local/etc) and local config is in
~/.config/surfraw/, so with a typical config:

Global config files:


Local config files:


and local elvi in:



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