[Surfraw-devel] [PATCH] Improve printing of elvi list

James Rowe jnrowe at gmail.com
Sat Aug 21 14:54:14 UTC 2010

* Jameson Rollins (jrollins at finestructure.net) wrote:
> This patch adds a new function, print_elvi, that improves the printing
> of the elvi descriptions in two ways:
> - Ignore scripts that end with '~'.  This is useful for users who
>   maintain their own elvi, by ignoring editor turds.  This could
>   probably be expanded to ignore other turd-like files as well.

  Sound good.

> - Improve listing of scripts that are actually just symbolic links to
>   other scripts.  Scripts that are links are now displayed as such,
>   disambiguating them from the script they link to.  This makes it
>   much nicer to maintain elvi shortcuts (such as wiki --> wikipedia).

  This makes a lot of sense.

  I've not applied the patch yet, because I'm not entirely convinced of
the portability of the find construct.  The -printf action is not
specified in the POSIX standard[1], but it may be common enough to use
anyway.  I'd like some input from people with a non-GNU findutils
version of find, or a little time to check it myself.



1. http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/utilities/find.html
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