[Surfraw-devel] Quick intro & a quick patch

Ivy Foster joyfulgirl at archlinux.us
Thu Feb 4 09:25:30 UTC 2010


I've been a fan of surfraw for some time now, and recently started tracking the
git version. And I've never been too great at mailing list introductions, so
I'll just leave it at that. (See, I said it would be quick!)

One of the elvi I use pretty frequently is aur, which searches the ArchLinux
User Repository; with that in mind, I decided to upgrade it a bit. The attached
(git-formatted) patch allows surfraw to do everything the heathen Web interface
can do.

All the switches that take an argument should work with anything from the full
arg down to the shortest unique arg string (so for sort order, `a' works just
as well as `ascending').

Anyway, hopefully folks'll find this useful. Share & enjoy!


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