[Surfraw-devel] Hmm...how best to implement this...?

Ivy Foster joyfulgirl at archlinux.us
Sun Feb 7 22:05:34 UTC 2010

Howdy, folks!

One of the search engines I use most often, as somebody who works with books,
is [bookfinder][1], an excellent book search aggregator. Naturally, the idea of
skipping the web forms and just running `sr bookfinder ...' appeals to the
purist in me.

    [1]: http://www.bookfinder.com/ 
         "Search for new & used books, textbooks, out-of-print and rare books"

Anyway, there are three important items to search: title, author, and isbn.
Using isbn is simple enough; you don't really need anything else, so I figure
it could work to just have a `-isbn=' switch. But it's pretty common to need to
search by both title and author. Is the best way to handle this to have have
the title be the search arg (`sr bookfinder bury my heart at wounded knee'),
with a switch such as `-author="dee brown"', and turn off surfraw's magic
quoting? If not, any suggestions as to what would be a better way to go about


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