[Surfraw-devel] surfraw 2.2.8 released

Ian Beckwith ianb at erislabs.net
Tue Jul 12 01:14:57 UTC 2011


I've just released surfraw 2.2.8


Last minute changes:

* netbsd: fix normal & mail search.
  google custom searches were complaining I was a bot, so I
  switched to normal google searches with
* cia: fix search URL

Known problems:

alioth, openbsd -pr and genportage are currently broken
as the sites themselves are broken, hopefully temporarily.

NEWS for this release:

Tue Jul 12 00:46:02 BST 2011  - surfraw 2.2.8

  * New elvi:
    + ads - search the SAO/NASA Astrophysics data system.
    + archwiki: search the arch wiki.
    + bugzilla - search various bugzillas, defaults to kernel.
    + cablesearch - search wikileaks cables
    + deli: search delicious.com.
    + duckduckgo - replace with better implementation
    + openports - search openbsd ports
    + pasearch - search Penny Arcade archives.
    + scirus, scitopia, worldwidescience - science searches
    + stack: search stackoverflow.com and friends.
    + yandex - russian web search.
  * Changed elvi:
    + archpkg: now supports options.
    + arxiv: quote queries for exact string matches.
    + ctan: Option -doc replaced by -id. Options no longer mutually
    + codesearch, musicbrainz, rpmsearch: rewritten to match new
      site. Options have changed to match site, see help message.
    + debbugs: add -s as an alias for -search=src.
    + google: new options:
      * -v, -search=video: search video
      * -m, -search=maps: search maps
      * -n, -search=news: search news
      * -i: new shortcut for -search=images
      * -safe=default|off|moderate|strict: safe search
    + openbsd: support -misc and -tech.
    + opensearch: new option -r, uses remote redirector
      which means it can run without heavy dependencies.
    + pgpkeys: add more options, support more keyservers,
      default to sks-keyservers.net.
    + translate: added Google Translate support.
    + wayback: advanced search is broken, rip out all
      options and use basic search.
    + wikipedia: new option -d, uses remote redirector
      to search both wikipedia and deletionpedia.
      use -fallback=wikipedia|deletionpedia to customise
  * Fixed elvi: archpkg, arxiv, cia, codesearch, ctan, javasun,
    lastfm, musicbrainz, netbsd, rpmsearch, w3link, yahoo.
  * Removed elvi:
    + altavista: is now just a front-end to yahoo. RIP.
    + cddb: gracenote made the "hard decision" to remove the
      website search. sigh.
    + fast: another yahoo front-end.
    + filesearching: refuses to work without 'Referer:' header.
    + port: site gone
  * Support -local-help, --local-help or -lh to get elvi-specific
    help without displaying the global options. This works for
    all elvi and the main surfraw script.
  * Support -h as a synonym for -help.
  * Improved listing of elvi.
  * Default to surfraw_graphical_remote=no,
    as chromium doesn't support "-remote openURL".
  * Bookmark names are now an exact match not a substring match.
  * Support BSD/POSIX make.
  * README: added INTEGRATION section on uzbl and pentadactyl.


Ian Beckwith - ianb at erislabs.net - http://erislabs.net/ianb/
GPG fingerprint: AF6C C0F1 1E74 424B BCD5  4814 40EC C154 A8BA C1EA
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