[Surfraw-devel] A Cunning Plan, and other changes

Ian Beckwith ianb at erislabs.net
Fri Mar 4 19:51:07 UTC 2011

[ resent due to alioth problem last night ]


I had an idea. Elvi that need complex dependencies (eg opensearch) can
instead use a cgi script on a remote site to produce a redirect to the
appropriate URL.

This led to the following changes:

* opensearch: if opensearch-discover and opensearch-genquery aren't
  installed (or if -r is used), the search url is instead obtained
  from http://erislabs.net/ianb/webtools/opensearch/
  This allowed me to move opensearch from the debian surfraw-extra
  package to the main surfraw package (leaving opensearch-discover
  and opensearch-genquery behind).

* wikipedia: -d option searches wikipedia *and* deletionpedia,
  via http://erislabs.net/ianb/webtools/wpdp/. It's almost
  like the deletionist's reign of terror never happened.
  Deletionpedia only supports the english (en) wikipedia.

I'm hosting these cgi scripts on my own (modest) server at the
moment. I doubt the load will be significant but if so I might have to
find another home. If anyone has ideas for CGIs like this and needs
hosting, get in touch.

I created a new elvi: bugzilla. It searches all bugzilla sites given a
base URL, plus has aliases for kernel, mozilla, gnome, kde, apache,
freedesktop, eclipse, redhat, mandriva, gentoo and novell's bugzillas.

I also made a bunch of smaller changes. Changelog:

2011-03-03  Ian Beckwith  <ianb at erislabs.net>

	* opensearch: new option -r, uses redirector at
	  http://erislabs.net/ianb/webtools/opensearch/ instead of calling
	  opensearch-discover and opensearch-genquery. -r is selected
	  automatically if those tools are not installed. This enables us
	  to ship opensearch in the main surfraw package and it still
	  functions if the dependencies are not installed. See
	* wikipedia: new options:
	  + -d, uses a redirector at http://erislabs.net/ianb/webtools/wpdp/
	    This redirector searches for a page with that name at wikipedia.
 	    If not found, it searches deletionpedia, if not found there
	    it falls back to a normal wikipedia search.
	  + -f=w|d, -fallback=wikipedia|deletionpedia
	    Implies -d. If page not found at either wikipedia or deletionpedia,
            whether to fallback to wikipedia search or deletionpedia search.
	* google:
	  + support video, maps and news.
	  + new options -i, -v, -m, -n, shortcuts for
	* debcontents, debpackages: update docs for new arches and
	* bugzilla:
	  + fix url so it works with redhat & eclipse bugzillas too.
	  + enable -s=redhat.
	* ixquick, w3css: fix tests.
	* opensearch, wikipedia: add redirector tests.

2011-02-20  Ian Beckwith  <ianb at erislabs.net>

	* New elvi: bugzilla - searches various bugzillas,
	  defaults to kernel.
	* pgpkeys: add more options, support more
	  keyservers, default to sks-keyservers.net.
	* bump version to 2.2.8.
	* test/Makefile.am: add cablesearch.test.

2011-02-19  Ian Beckwith  <ianb at erislabs.net>

	* lastfm: fix url to avoid a redirect that mangled
	  args with spaces.
	* debbugs: add -s as an alias for -search=src.
	* surfraw.IN: (finally) update copyright year to 2011.
	* remove traces of port elvi from build system.


Ian Beckwith - ianb at erislabs.net - http://erislabs.net/ianb/
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