[Surfraw-devel] New surfraw version

Kyle Isom kyle at tyrfingr.is
Wed Oct 17 03:37:02 UTC 2012

Okay, so I've created a new git branch for development,
2.2.9_release_candidate; it should be up on the server
sometime tonight.

I am currently taking a look at what we can do to clean up and/or
improve the codebase. Some of the things I'm looking at:

* Removing the TODO. git blame tells me the file originated in
2003 and was last modified in 2004. Either these are some things
severely in need of doing, or (as I suspect), obsolete. I plan
on zeroing out this file and using it for things identified in the
release candidate planning.

* I've mentioned poking around the automake source before; the
naming conventions lead me to believe it's an older file.

* I'll be looking through to see if I can hunt down any more bashisms
or GNU-specific syntax; this has traditionally been a thorn in my side
on other projects as I run a mostly BSD set of systems. I'd imagine
other BSD users have run into some of the same issues.

* Run through the entire test sequence and see which elvi fail, and
ensure no issues crop up there.

How does this sound to you all?

Also, I have this new email address that is the default on my
laptop; the old email address still works (as does
kyle at surfraw.org ;)) Just a heads up in case you were wondering.

On 12/10/16 at 21:39, Ivy Foster wrote:
> On 16 Oct 2012, at  4:56 pm -0600, Kyle Isom wrote:
> > Hello,
> Hi! Kyle, sorry to double-post to you, but I neglected to CC
> the list, alas.
> > I was looking through the commit logs today, and it looks
> > like the last version released was 2.2.8 in 2011/02. We've
> > had some updates since then and I was looking at perhaps
> > preparing a new release candidate.
> > Ian, Ivy, Jason -- what do you all think?
> Make it so!
> Ivy

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