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Ian Beckwith ianb at erislabs.net
Mon Oct 22 03:16:13 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Jumbo reply to various posts:

> I was looking through the commit logs today, and it looks like the last version released
> was 2.2.8 in 2011/02. We've had some updates since then and I was looking at perhaps
> preparing a new release candidate.
> Ian, Ivy, Jason -- what do you all think?

Excellent, thanks. I was vaguely planning to do a release before the
debian freeze, but that ship has long-since sailed.

> This is the list of elvi that failed their test:
> acronym
> alioth (oh, the irony=E2=80=A6)

works for me - transient problem or did someone fix it?
It often pays to rerun failing tests to avoid transient problems.

Also, probably about half of the failing tests will turn out to be a
problem with the test rather than the elvi.

> bbcnews
> bugmenot
> cisco
> cite
> cliki
> currency
> deblists
> debpkghome    |
> debvcsbroswe  | (with a "no apt-cache" error)

Yeah, both these tools need apt-cache (so basically a debian system)
The only alternative I can think of is to scrape the PTS (see the
debpts elvi) to get the info, which is gross.

> deli
> discogs
> excite
> f5
> finkpkg
> fsfdir
> gcache
> genbugs

works for me

> ixquick
> jamendo
> javasun
> lastfm
> leodict
> opensearch  (with a missing perl module)

Opensearch has heavy dependencies, it needs WWW::OpenSearch,
libwww-perl, and HTML::Parser, each of which drags in tons of other
stuff. This is why in Debian it is packaged separately in the
surfraw-extra package. I guess the dependencies could be documented
better, for this and deb{pkghome,vcsbrowse}.

With the modules installed, it works fine.

However opensearch should work without the dependencies, by falling
back to a service on my VM ( http://erislabs.net/ianb/webtools/opensearch/ )
I'll look into this.

> scholar
> scroogle

Alas, scroogle has shut down so we can remove this.

> slashdot
> slinuxdoc
> translate
> woffle

woffle needs wwwoffled running for the test to work.
(Can't remember if it needs configuration beyond that).
Anyway, it passed the test on my system.

More failures (which could be transient):

bugzilla[7,9] github[1] imdb[3] musicbrainz[2] openbsd[3]

> I've done some tidying up of the autoconf source. One of the conventions
> in newer versions of the autotools is to use the '.ac' suffix for the
> configure template (I've explained further in the commit message). I've
> done some formatting work just to clean up the source files to make them
> a bit easier to read.

Excellent. The autotools stuff was ancient, and I've done the minimum
necessary maintenance since then.

> On a semi-related note; how do we close the bugs listed here:
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?which=3Dpkg&version=3D&dist=3D=
> &data=3Dsurfraw&archive=3Dno
> Two of them have definitely been done and the google one can be included in=
>  this
> release.

Bugs that are closed by the release should have a Closes: #nnnnnn
in debian/changelog. The BTS then tracks the bug fixes by version through
debian releases.

Non-bugs can be closed by sending a message with an explanation to
nnnnnn-done at bugs.debian.org.

nnnnnn being the bug number.

More info:


I'll try and find time to pitch in soon, I'll update the debian
packaging first then see what's left.

Until the debian freeze is over I'll upload to experimental instead of

Incidentally, does everyone know about the surfraw-commits list?
All commit messages get posted there.



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