[Surfraw-devel] 2013 Release

Ian Beckwith ianb at erislabs.net
Mon Apr 22 22:45:37 UTC 2013


On Sat, Apr 13, 2013 at 07:52:09PM +1200, Jason Ryan wrote:
> I thought I should kick this off again…
> Late last year we got quite close, it would be good to push it out the door.
> There are still a couple of elvi that I can't get to test; mostly because the
> sites use some sort of asinine javascript and therefore should be beyond our
> ministrations or effort, IMO.
> Other than that, I don't think much is required to finish this off. What say you
> all?

Indeed, we should have another attempt.

I just ran the test suite a few times (to eliminate transient
failures), and whittled the failures down to:

cablesearch cite ctan debcontents[2] deblists deblogs debpts deli
finkpkg[1,2] foldoc genportage github[1] happypenguin imdb[3,4] jamendo
javasun musicbrainz[2] ntrs springer woffle yandex

woffle fails because I haven't got it installed, because it isn't in
debian anymore, so it may in fact work fine. At some point I'll
install wwwoffle and test it.

Debian does have polipo, which seems to be a replacement, I'll look
into getting it working with both.

I'll try and tackle the test failures in the upcoming days.

There were a couple of commits on master that weren't on

b6c705d really remove bashism from elvi/yandex
ff6adcd Correct an issue/bug on the new searchable/multiple bookmarks.

so I merged them into 2.2.9_release_candidate

To be honest I can't remember why we we are using
2.2.9_release_candidate instead of just committing to master,
but we might as well carry on for now.



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