[Surfraw-devel] actually actually ready for release (i think)

Ian Beckwith ianb at erislabs.net
Mon Dec 9 15:28:31 UTC 2013


I think we're finally ready for the release.

When I get a chance in the next few days I'll make the release.
(If I can remember how :)

I've tested the elvi that required manual testing.
I've removed codesearch and scitopia, they have both been shut down.
scicom is down, don't know if its permanent so I'll left it in for now.
All thre rest are fine.

The problem with the deja elvi was just that google groups now
requires javascript, other than that it does work so I've just
disabled the test.

New elvi: gmane.

openbsd -mail was using google groups, so I planned to switch it to
gmane by writing then calling out to the new gmane elvi, but then I
realised that wouldn't pass global command line options along, so it
just goes to gmane directly.

Oh, and the fink pdb is back, so finkpkg works again.

Recent ChangeLog below.



2013-12-09  Ian Beckwith  <ianb at erislabs.net>

	* deja: disable tests, google groups now requires javascript.
	* gmane: fix test.
	* codesearch: removed, service shut down.
	* scitopia: removed, service shut down.
	* scicom: down, status unknown, made note in NEWS.

2013-12-08  Ian Beckwith  <ianb at erislabs.net>

	* new elvi: gmane
	* openbsd -mail: use gmane (directly, not via gmane elvi)
	* fix tests: ads, pgdoc, pin, yacy

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