[Surfraw-devel] Surfraw 2.2.9 released

Ian Beckwith ianb at erislabs.net
Wed Dec 11 22:44:13 UTC 2013


I've just released surfraw-2.2.9


I've also uploaded debian packages.

NEWS for this release:

Tue Dec 10 15:49:46 GMT 2013  - surfraw 2.2.9

* New elvi:
  + S - search using w3_custom_search (see below)
  + cisco - search Cisco documentation
  + debcodesearch - search Debian codebase
  + github - search github
  + gmane - search mailing lists
  + jquery - search jQuery documentation
  + mdn - search Mozilla Developer Network
  + mysqldoc - search MySQL documentation
  + oraclesearch - search Oracle documentation
  + pgdoc - search PostgreSQL documentation
  + phpdoc - search PHP documentation
  + pin - search pinboard.in
  + wolfram - search Wolfram Alpha
  + yacy - search YaCy P2P search engines, including ScienceNet
* Changed elvi:
  + aur - uses HTTPS by default, use -no-https to disable
  + deblists
    * Removed options -author, -lists, -lang
    * added options -ml (message links) and -mv (list view)
  + duckduckgo:
    * removed -p (clashes with global print option), use -safe instead
    * stopped -l[ucky] from clobbering -lh
  + google: changed -g option to -G to avoid clash with -g for graphical view
* Fixed elvi: ask, ctan, deli, genportage, jamendo, javasun, openbsd
  musicbrainz, rae, slashdot, slinuxdoc
* Removed elvi for dead sites: happypenguin, scroogle, sunonesearch (replaced by oraclesearch)
* w3_custom_search
  + elvi that use a search engine as a backend with site: and inurl:
    can now choose which search engine to use.
    So far, google and duckduckgo are supported, with duckduckgo the default.
  + Affected elvi: mdn, mysqldoc, netbsd, openbsd, pgdoc, slinuxdoc
  + To select on the commandline use -custom-search=google or -custom-search=duckduckgo
  + Or configure SURFRAW_customsearch_provider
* New variable: SURFRAW_bookmark_search_elvis
  When using searchable bookmarks, if all else fails run this elvis.
  Defaults to google
* New example elinks integration script in examples/hooks.lua.
* Debian packaging now included in release, in debian/ dir.
* Known problems at time of release
  + deblogs - down (hopefully) temporarily
  + yacy - demo portal down, ScienceNet still up
  + scicom - down, status unknown



Ian Beckwith - ianb at erislabs.net - http://erislabs.net/ianb/
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