[Surfraw-devel] line 470: http://www.google.com/search?q=foo&num=30: No such file or directory

Kyle Isom kyle at surfraw.org
Mon Feb 24 02:45:10 UTC 2014


I'll try to run some tests this week, but I'm in the middle of a move.

I think for the browser checks, we could add surf, sensible-browser, 
open, and xdg-open in the list.

As for `open`, here's what the man page has to say:

      The open command opens a file (or a directory or URL), just as if
      you had double-clicked the file's icon. If no application name is
      specified, the default application as determined via
      LaunchServices is used to open the specified files.

      If the file is in the form of a URL, the file will be opened as a

I think adding the browsers above is the best bet, and if there's no 
opposition, I'll add it tonight.


On 02/23/2014 03:38 PM, Ian Beckwith wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 03:36:06PM -0700, Kyle Isom wrote:
>> Essentially what is happening is that surfraw is calling "$BROWSER
>> http://www.google.com/search?q=foo&num=30", but BROWSER is empty;
>> the shell only sees the query. I'm not sure why it's doing this, but
>> I'll look into it.
> Completely guessing:
> Is ./configure failing to find a valid browser?
> Seeing config.log from running ./configure would help.
> We probably need to revisit the list of browsers ./configure checks for.
> Current checks are:
> AC_CHECK_PROGS(TEXTBROWSER, lynx links2 links elinks w3m netrik)
> AC_CHECK_PROGS(GRAPHICALBROWSER, iceweasel firefox google-chrome opera mozilla \
> xombrero luakit safari epiphany-browser konqueror galeon kazenhakase \
> conkeror dillo netscape chromium chrome)
> Did I read somewhere that 'open' is how macs invoke their browser?
> We should probably include xdg-open too.
> cheers,
> Ian.

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