[Surfraw-devel] Some options results in 404 in the yandex elvi.

Bug Poster bugzilla-mail-box at yandex.ru
Sat Jul 19 08:16:23 UTC 2014


I have installed Surfraw on Fedora 20, version 2.2.9.

[guest at localhost ~]$ sr yandex -local-help
Usage: yandex [options] [search words]...
  Surfraw search the web using Yandex (yandex.ru)
Local options:          Specialized search on topic
  -dict         |       Slovari
  -news         |       News
  -images       |       Images
  -market       |       Market
  -maps         |       Maps (not implemented)
[guest at localhost ~]$

Two options don't work: -images and -maps.

-images doesn't work because they changed from domain to directory path.

It results in "http://images.yandex.ru/text=cat".
And should result in "http://yandex.ru/images/search?text=cat".

-maps doens't work because Surfraw doesn't see the question character.

It results in "http://maps.yandex.ru/text=singapore/".
And should result in "http://maps.yandex.ru/?text=singapore".

Also I have loaded the repo by "git clone git://git.debian.org/surfraw/surfraw.git".
In the README file there is an instruction how to install Surfraw. The first step is to run ./configure. But there is no the configure script.

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