[Surfraw-devel] OS X sed incompatibility

Keith Smiley keithbsmiley at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 22:31:48 UTC 2015

After installing surfraw on OS X either from source or from the [homebrew
formula][1] retrieving the list of elvi with `surfraw -elvi` only outputs

After debugging this a little bit the problem is with this line:

sed -n 's/^.*elvis:[  ]\+\(.*\)$/\1/p' $(find "$dir" ! -type d ! -type l !
-name '*~' | sort)

This pattern is incompatible with the version of BSD sed installed on OS X.
To fix this the command would have to be:

sed -n -E 's/^.*elvis:[  ]+(.*)$/\1/p' $(find "$dir" ! -type d ! -type l !
-name '*~' | sort)

Which I'm sure isn't compatible with other OS'. Any ideas how we can solve
this and not break compatibility?



Keith Smiley
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