[Surfraw-devel] Cleaning up the elvi

Kyle Isom kyle at imap.cc
Fri Sep 18 03:39:17 UTC 2015


While fixing the elvi listing previously, I noticed that the elvi list
looks a little ragged:

(0) <tessier:kyle> $ surfraw -elvi | grep -C1 worldwidescience
wolfram         -- Ask questions of the computational knowledge engine
worldwidescience -- Search for science with www.worldwidescience.org
yacy            -- Search YaCy P2P search, including ScienceNet

I've been thinking about how to clean this up, and I've got a few
things I'd like to do:

1. Rename worldwidescience to wwsci.

   The name is long enough to throw off alignment. If we align to
   it, it's less space on the screen for other (typically shorter)
   elvi descriptions.

2. Ensure all the elvi descriptions are aligned.

3. Add any comments to the style guide to note this.

What is the general consensus towards such a change?

kyle at imap.cc

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