[Surfraw-devel] Some ideas for improvements (feedback please!)

Jason Ryan jasonwryan at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 19:16:15 GMT 2020

Hi Gabriel,

On 23/03/20 at 11:06pm, Gabriel Lisaca wrote:
>Word of warning: long mail ahead!
>So I've been thinking of some improvements to Surfraw, but it would 
>probably be best to get some thoughts on the matter.  They are as 
>1. Integrated bash completions in elvi; and
>2. Rearranged config files read order.
>Bash completions:
>There are two ways I've thought of this: (a) have a separate 
>completion file (with its own directories), (b) include a completion 
>function in each elvis.
>I'm leaning towards b more since it's easier to use directly. This 
>function would have a similar interface to `w3_parse_option_hook` ($1: 
>option name (e.g., `-opt=`), $2: option arg (e.g., `foo`)) and output 
>the words to match in its stdout.  It should be written in POSIX 
I'm not convinced about this as the additional complexity of an elvis
would potentially discourage new contributors (not that we are
inundated, but it is worth considering), it would also significantly
impact the current test approach.

>Some open questions (for b):
>1. What should the name be? `w3_completion_hook`?  That seems too 
>long, and what does the `w3` prefix even mean?
I think it should be read as w³ :)

>Some downsides to this specific method:
>1. Potentially large overhead.  It has to source `surfraw`, find 
>elvis, source elvis, execute function.  Maybe it could be overcome by 
>having a `-complete` option that does all of those steps in one go 
>(e.g., `surfraw debpackages -complete surfr`).  That is, when 
>`-complete` is processed, the remaining non-option arguments are the 
>words to be completed.
>2. More duplication of information: option names have to be kept 
>synchronised between `w3_config_hook`, `w3_parse_option_hook`, and now 
>`w3_completion_hook` (or whatever its name will be).
>Config files:
>As it is, the current hierarchy of configuration is a tad annoying: 
>local > elvis > global, with the actual read order being global > 
>elvis > local.  Notice that there is no room for pre-existing 
>(exported) environment variables.  This makes customising calls 
>to`surfraw`more annoying--especially in scripts calling `surfraw` 
>itself.  In my scripts, I've had to include a separate (inherited) 
>`SURFRAW_FLAGS` variable to pass to relevant `surfraw` calls.  It 
>would be easier if I could do something like:
>    $ export SURFRAW_graphical=yes
>    $ surfraw foo
>    $ surfraw bar
>Of course, this would be most useful with scripts calling `surfraw`, 
>as detailed above.
>I propose that the hierarchy is as follows:  pre-existing environment 
>variables > local > elvis > global, while the read order is the same 
>as the hierarchy (more intuitive, right?). Local config files should 
>also only use the `def*` family of shell functions to set variables.  
>This change depends on it.
This does make sense to me.

>Obviously, this isn't backwards compatible, so something similar to 
>the change to using `XDG_CONFIG_HOME` could be done.  That is, accept 
>a `config` (or something similar) in addition to the other config 
>files, while retaining their semantics and read order.  The resulting 
>precedence for local config files would then be: 
>`$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/config` (the new one) > `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/conf` (the 
>current one) > `~/.surfraw.conf` (the old convention).  Only *one* of 
>the local config files would be read.
>Some feedback would be great :)  I don't want to make some radical 
>changes without consensus.
>I'll try to get working implementations of both of those up as soon as 
>I can.
That would be great!



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