[Syslog-ng-maintainers] Bug#703639: Bug#703639: "kill -HUP $(cat /var/run/syslog-ng.pid)" can cause duplicate logging issues

Gergely Nagy algernon at madhouse-project.org
Mon Nov 10 20:48:41 GMT 2014

>>>>> "Evgeni" == Evgeni Golov <evgeni at debian.org> writes:

    Evgeni> Hi,
    Evgeni> On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 03:59:11PM +0100, Gergely Nagy wrote:

    >> * Fixing the configuration and reloading gets things back in order, no
    >> matter how many times messages were duplicated before.

    Evgeni> I have a heavily customized config, which does not throw any errors,
    Evgeni> but triggers the issue on a wheezy box.

    Evgeni> The config is for a central log-server, which gets syslog via UDP from
    Evgeni> quite a few hosts and sorts these accordingly. Every day at logrotate
    Evgeni> a SIGHUP is issued and my /var/log gets full. The ratio is about 1 real 
    Evgeni> message to 3000 (yes, three thousand!) duplicates :/

    Evgeni> A real restart solves the issue.

    Evgeni> I hope this is helful for you to track down the issue.

I didn't have time to reproduce the problem yet, but I'm going to
forward it upstream. Are you using the wheezy version of syslog-ng? If
so, can you try the 3.5.6 backport from wheezy-backports, and see if the
problem persists?

(A lot of things that may result in this kind of behaviour have been
fixed between 3.3.5 in wheezy and 3.5.6 in backports.)

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