[Syslog-ng-maintainers] Bug#831677: Bug#831677: syslog-ng: breaks reverse-dependencies

László Böszörményi (GCS) gcs at debian.org
Mon Jul 18 20:08:59 BST 2016

Control: affects -1 - syslog-ng-incubator
Control: reassign -1 syslog-ng-incubator
Control: retitle -1 Should be updated for syslog-ng 3.7.0+

Hi Gianfranco,

On Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 2:19 PM, Gianfranco Costamagna
<locutusofborg at debian.org> wrote:
> Source: syslog-ng
> Severity: serious
> Version: 3.7.3-1
> Affects: syslog-ng-incubator
 Actually the situation is vica - versa. As the package name suggests,
syslog-ng-incubator is a place where upstream tries experimental
modules. It is expected to break from time to time and needs more
frequent updates.

> Hi, while trying to rebuild syslog-ng-incubator on top of the new syslog-ng I discovered it is actually FTBFS
> I tried to patch the source, because seems that stats.h has been moved into stats/stats.h
> the problem is that seems syslog-ng introducing some more backward incompatible changes, according to the new log
 Some modules merged to syslog-ng and left -incubator; on the other
hand some other experimental modules started to appear in the new
syslog-ng-incubator release. It means -incubator needs an update to
its 0.5.0 version at least. I've just uploaded it - as it will enter
the NEW queue, it needs some days to be accepted. But then everything
will be back to normal.

Thanks for your report,

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