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Mark Afonso felixadams173 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 17:41:03 BST 2016

*Dear Friend,*
*Please I got your contact from email domain Directory, do not be skeptical
to reply back to me based on what is going on in the internet world, this
business is very safe and secure.*

*If you are willing to show me Trust and Honest, then, we can work
together. I am Mr.Mark Afonso, PA to Mr.Kurt Kahle a German who owned a
private business school and also a German property magnate who died in
AF4590 crash since 2000 alongside with his entire family (with his
37-year-old wife and son Michael).*

*Please see this site yourself before we proceed,

*I decided to contact you purely on personal conviction of trust and
confidence, to assist me in recovering the funds deposit in a Finance
Company by Mr. Kurt Kahle as his Next of Kin, since he is no longer alive,
some management of the finance company was not aware that the deposit
content is money,being his PA, the finance company have issued me a notice
to provide his next of kin for the claim of the consignment because their
company have been bought by another Finance Firm and no one has come for
the claim, otherwise the consignment will be CONFISCATED if nobody could
lay claim on the deposit.*

*Since he is dead with his immediate family,my proposition to you is to
seek your consent to present you as the next-of-kin, so that the deposit
ccold be released to you and we will share the amount on a mutually agreed
percentage. I have in my possession the original deposit certificate issue
to him on the day of deposit, I will give you the CERTIFICATE and we will
secure a legal document/Affidavit in your name. All I require is your
honest cooperation to enable us see this transaction through.*

*If you accept my proposal, I will appreciate to have the following
information from you which will be used to prepare the Affidavit of Claim
in your name thus:*


*This transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will
protect us from any breach of the law, if this business proposition offends
your moral values, please do accept my apology. Note: I must use this
opportunity to implore you to keep/treat this transaction
extra-confidential, I assure you that this is a risk-free business.*

*A swift acknowledgement of the receipt of this mail would be appreciated
to indicate your interest.*

*Best regards*
*Mark Afonso.*
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